Blackjack counting cards with a single deck

Each counter should have a good knowledge of how to play blackjack with a single deck, even if you spend 90% of your time with the game in more decks, because when you are able to master the game with only one deck, this can be very beneficial. The primary advantage of the game will become more apparent when we will enter in the betting strategies, but for now, take my words for good: all the “big” wins you do to Blackjack likely to be procured from the game with a single deck.

Many of you – especially those who are close to Atlantic City – they should spend their time training instead of playing with the idea to make 5 or 6 trips a year in areas such as Reno or Laughlin. It would be much better for you to play 60 or 70 hours in a year to play with a single deck here that several hundred hours playing games that currently offers the seedy Atlantic City. Some of my students from the St. Louis area can be reached by plane Reno taking a trip of three or four days for less than $ 300, which includes return flight with hotel, and as usually win every day a lot of money at Blackjack, usually go home with $ 1,000 of net winnings and even more. For the inhabitants of the “East Coast” suggest to go in a similar way in Tunica, MS.

Count the table

To win the game with only one deck, you need first of another method of counting at the table where the cards are dealt face down. There is a very structured approach to count, so be sure that we’re wrong. I’ll never forget the first time I played with one deck, I was in Las Vegas and I used to play the game with four decks in Atlantic City. At the second or third hand, the dealer had a “blackjack” and threw away all their cards face up. All my training on speed was put to the test, but I managed to count before the next hand was dealt. This is a type of situation that you should be ready and only training can help you.
The cards in the game with a single deck can be rotated for various reasons, we look at a hand and try to understand how to count cards. We start counting our two cards, then the dealer’s upcard. Count each card requested by the players present. If a player doubles, will have to turn his two cards, so we can count them. However, the paper of “doubling” is usually dealt face down, and then we can not even count it. If a player splits a pair, then his cards will be turned in so that we can count and count the paper that will be “distributed”. In the game with only one deck, a player indicates that he intends “to stop” putting the cards under your bet so we will not be able to see it, so do not count them – yet. If a player busts, will turn over his cards so we can count them as soon as we will see. The game ends with the dealer’s hand, so we have his card deck when the find along with all the other cards that eventually will pull in his hand.